Wojciech Anzel

Test challenges in 5G

Keynote speaker

With 5G working commercially in few places around the world, we tend to think, that this technology is already here. But in fact it is here… in our laboratories. We are in the fascinating moment, when we are actually CREATING it. With this opportunity, come numerous problems and unknowns, and testing is no different here. How to test the New Radio? How to test the telecom behind autonomous cars? How to test for use cases, that we didn’t come up with yet?! Even if these are the typical difficulties – its still worth to consider the particular challenges of 5G technology. In this talk, you will learn what the difficulties are and what skills will you – as a tester – need in order to make a real difference delivering new standard to the world.

About Wojciech:

Electronics engineer by studies. Telecom engineer by various roles in the last 7 years. These included a tester, trainer, project lead and others. Currently, working as specification engineer for 5G radio products and software. Co-author of articles and publications, speaker of various test and telecom conferences – including EuroStar 2015, Test Dive 2017 and PLNOG 2019. Privately, a great passionate of steep mountains and outdoor in general.