Petra Bouskova

Insights Discovery: Transform relationships with your team

Keynote speaker

One person. Four years. Petra has been working as Test Engineer, Test Consultant, Test Strategist, Test Coordinator, Test Analyst and Test Manager. Does it sound crazy? Not for her, this girl is a challenge-seeking enthusiast.
Last year she changed the field from strict following of German V-Model to passionate Mexican Agile. From testing cars to testing Web App. And right now is Petra‘s goal to put one complicated project in the biggest bank in the Czech Republic in a motion. Her passion is to excite and inspire people to develop their skills and careers.
Besides being active in software testing, stage is her second home. Petra is a professional trainer of presentation skills and conference speaker. You could find her name in the program of the biggest European conferences in Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Russia!