Petra Boušková

Stream A 15:20-16:00

Motivated in all career stages - A Software Testers Tale

Petra has been working as Test Engineer, Test Consultant, Test Strategist, Deputy Test Manager, Test Analyst, Test Coordinator and Intern Soft skills. Last but not least she is a proud certified ISTQB Test Manager. Petra‘s career path started in automotive industry, simultaneously she was participating on development of Automobile Suspension system testing strategy. Her daily bread was holding teleconferences and troubleshooting sessions with experts from all over the world. Last year she changed the field from automotive to financial services – from strict following of V-Model to passionate Agile; from testing cars to testing web applications. She was working as Senior Test Analyst for the biggest Czech banks and now she’s holding a role of Coordinator of Cemex Go Deployment team. She leads teams from all across the word with the one goal: Every month go-live in one country. Thanks to the variety of her background, Petra is able to see things from different points of view, be innovative and kindly pushy. Besides being active in software testing, Petra works as a professional Soft Skills Trainer leading intern and extern workshops in IT companies across Europe. Her the most popular workshops are focused on ‘Presentation’, ‘Public Speaking’ and ‘Motivation’. She was a part of the biggest European conferences such as Hustef 2016, Hustef 2017 and Selenium 2017. As Petra often claims about herself with a smile, she is a petite super energetic girl working with big IT guys.