Łukasz Kumaszka

Stream C 15:20-16:00

Acceptance Test Driven Development. The story of a team becoming succesful in delivering the right software

Experienced and agile oriented tester since 2007. Certified Scrum Master. Together with his colleagues achieved 2nd place on 1st Polish Championships of Software Testing “Testing Cup 2013” in team competition. Author of so called in his team “Kuman cases” most difficult and unpredictable to find bugs. Fun of automated test cases and Robot Framework specialist. Conduct in Nokia whole day ATDD Specification by Example trainings. Privately likes to spend his free time actively on hiking, climbing and cycling Passionate about mountains. In July achieved two summits in Kaukaz Mountains above five thousand meters: Kazbek 5047 and Elbrus 5642. Currently in the middle of acquiring the great crown of the Tatra Mountains.