Karolina Zmitrowicz

Stream B 11:00-11:40

If you cannot measure it you cannot control it - measuring quality of requirements

Karolina is a well experienced Requirements Engineer and Quality Assurance Specialist. She has a great experience in financial sector of a global market – Karolina worked for leading financial organizations all over the world, i.e. in RPA, Austria, Italy and Poland.
For 3 years Karolina was member of REQB® Board. Currently she continues her work on standardization of requirements engineering.
Karolina is one of the authors of certification systems for business analytics – IQBBA®
Currently she works as Freelance IT consultant. Since March 2018 Karolina is the Board President of SJSI. Karolina actively supports Software Quality community in Poland. She is the author of plenty publications on quality assurance and software testing.