Kamil Dudek

Stream C 16:15-16:55

Practical Limitations of the Formal Systems

He’s a system deployer in Motorola Solutions and associate editor at dobreprogramy. [ “so he works in a company that, shockingly, does not make phones and writes for a portal used by everyone’s aunts to download adware” ] Spent few years as an academic teacher, specializing in the topic of the Operating Systems. Simultaneously, he was building his experience in Active Directory administration and RHEL bulk deployments. Often focused on humanities: the social factors of management and software development are considered gravely underappreciated and easily dismissed in IT. Aside from the system deployment, he writes the editorials for WP, often not strictly technical. [ “usually, nobody knows what’s he talking about: not because it’s difficult, but because he uses too many words. Experiments with sleeping as a problem-solving strategy.” ]