Grzegorz Latuszek

Stream B 13:30-14:10

Slow Food, Slow Code

Grzegorz graduated at AGH University of Science and Technology Cracow with M.Sc. thesis on building a software language compiler. That included analysis of language constructs used in a rare language called Oberon. From that time, analytical thinking about software is “deep in his heart”. During 25 years of professional experience he went from CAD systems into the telecom industry; from C/C++ via Perl to Python; from being a software engineer, a configuration manager, a project lead to a software architect and a Python trainer, where he is today. He works in telecom tests automation, building Python libraries. A main architect of As a Python trainer, he gives Nokia internal trainings and lectures at Jagiellonian University. He helps others by consulting their code, conducting workshops and building communities around that software. He also coaches how to discuss about code from a broader view.