Bartłomiej Bugajny

Stream B 16:15-16:55

How to automate visual testing of Web Applications - look & feel

Bartek is a testing expert with over 9 years of experience, who is supporting project teams at Objectivity since 2013. Bartek specializes in testing both: web-based and desktop applications. His technical skills are proven i.a. by ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager, but it’s Bartek’s interpersonal competences that make him a representative of the team responsible for contacts with the client. In this role Bartek is responsible for arranging tester processes, offsetting of clients and team needs according to Win-Win, which is the business philosophy of Objectivity. As Bartek says himself – Quality Engineering is more than a job: it’s passion. You could see it if you visited his house that is full of technical toys – which Bartek officially uses for testing purposes. This is at least what he tells his wife when she complains about a new gadget. All has to be tested, right?