Piotr Konieczny – Niebezpiecznik.pl

How to be a Pentester? - behind the scenes

Short Description of presentation

During this lecture, we would like to show you, how the penetration tester work look like. We will explain different test types (dynamic and static tests, source code analysis, white-, gray- and black-box approaches) and demonstrate why security aspects in IT projects are so important. Also, we will show how to implement security testing (and bughunting) elements into the software development cycle with minimal effort, so that they don’t slow down the team’s work.

During the lecture we will show examples of real vulnerabilities and free tools that can detect security bugs, and which are easy to use and easy to implement. The aim of the lecture is to inspire and encourage programmers to improve the quality of the created software.

Short Biographical Note of Speaker

An IT security expert who has been helping the largest Polish and foreign companies in securing their networks and websites for 14 years. He graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University and AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków. He won multiple awards for his presentations on IT security conferences. He is also Forbes/Business Insider “Digital Shapers 2018” laureate. The founder of Niebezpiecznik.pl, a consulting company handling IT projects in the scope of security and the greatest cyber security website in Poland.

At Niebezpiecznik.pl he leads the auditing and computer system penetration testing team. He also conducts technical training courses for administrators and software developers in the scope of computer network protection and creation of secure web applications as well as security awareness training courses for non-technical personnel who use computer and internet in their everyday work.