Matt Harasymczuk

Case study of using microservices architecture, docker and CI/CD pipeline while creating HabitatOS

Short Description of presentation

Case study of using microservices architecture, docker and CI/CD pipeline while creating HabitatOS.

HabitatOS is an operating system for analog extraterrestrial habitats.

Short Biographical Note of Speaker

Chief Aerospace Systems Engineer at Astro Tech and Director of Flight Crew OperaGons at Analog Astronaut Training Center. Advisory Board Member for AstronauGcs and Aerospace at India Research Centre. Former YGT engineer at European Space Agency. BSc in soTware engineering. MSc in Aerospace and AstronauGcs from Polish Air Force Academy. Copernicus Medal for creaGng foundaGons for human spaceflight in Poland. First price for Best EducaGonal IniGaGve in Global Space Balloon Challenge 2019. PPL(A) pilot in training, PADI Divemaster, trained combat medicine (TCCC, ACLS). Privately financed and built habitat in Poland. Developing HabitatOS a proof of concept operaGng system for Moon and Mars habitats. Three Gmes analog astronaut (Crew Medical Officer, ECLSS Engineer, ExecuGve Officer), eight Gmes in MCC as a Primary InvesGgator and Capcom. PoSSUM ScienGst-Astronaut with advanced courses in ‘spaceflight physiology’, ‘spacecraT egress, sea survival and rescue operaGons’ and ‘Lunar and MarGan atmospheric and geological science and EVA tools development’. At European Space Agency collaborated on research for the Moon Village concept, habitat design, Lunar EVA procedures, and subjecGve Gme percepGon. Consulted 100+ organisaGons in project management and soTware engineering. Trained 5.5k+ people in soTware engineering. Led project management transformaGon for Center of InformaGon Technology at Polish Ministry of Interior. Postgraduate diploma in: Extreme Medicine, Applied Geophysics, Air Traffic Control, European Master in RadiaGon Biology from SCK CEN in Belgium. Author of several books i.e. Python 3: from None to Machine Learning; SoTware Engineering: DevOps and CI/CD, SoTware systems architecture and development process; Astronaut SelecGon and Training for Long DuraGon Spaceflight and Extravehicular AcGvity, Geophysics experiments from Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package. Designed and flight tested human centrifuge Soyuz MS acceleraGon profiles for launch, ascent, reentry, descent, landing and conGngencies: abort launch, ballisGc reentry. Lab experience in working with, AAS, AES, ASA, ICP-AES, ICP-MS, HPLC. Field experience with XRF, IR, UV-Viz and Raman Spectroscopy.