Maciej Michnej

Automation of rail vehicle movement based on the example of the first “autonomous” tram in Poland

Short Description of presentation

The project of the first autonomous driving tram in Poland has been initiated in 2019 by the Institute of Rail Vehicles of the Cracow University of Technology in cooperation with company CYBID Sp. z o.o. – control system developer for autonomous driving, NEWAG S.A. – manufacturer of rail vehicles and trams, MPK S.A. –  public transport operator in Krakow and MEDCOM Sp. z o.o. – manufacturer of power electronic devices for rail vehicles and trams.  On 28 January 2020, the tram type 126N “Nevelo” of NEWAG S.A., traveled with passengers and without an driver in the cabin a test section of about 3 km. 

Short Biographical Note of Speaker

He works in Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Cracow University of Technology as an Assistant Professor in the Research Unit of Technical Reliability and Maintenance in the Institute of Rail Vehicles and is a Vice- Director of this Institute. Expert of Polish Scientific and Technological  Association, Expert Witness. Founder and owner of SMG Ekspert one of the first “start –ups” within Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship in Cracow University of Technology. He cooperates with the City of Krakow and City of Katowice at the realisation of many research and implementation projects founded by CIVITAS initiative.