Emilia Lendzion-Barszcz & Tomasz Konieczny

It should work fast – what can’t you understand here?

Short Description of presentation

Performance. Quite often we don’t realize how important it is unless the application fails. If some new functionality isn’t finished it’s quite obvious – the user won’t be able to use it and business value won’t be delivered. Non-functional requirements like performance or security? These words can be unclear – especially for non-technical people. The problem is often noticed only after the application stops working – then we realize we should think about them more. 

So, let’s start performance tests. Precisely defined requirements and goals are essential if we want to design and execute them properly. However, what if business needs can be described as just “It should work fast – what can’t you understand here?”. Well, that’s the fun part. 

During the presentation, we will speak how to define precise technical requirements related to performance. How to ask non-technical questions that will allow us to define them? How to determine what’s needed? 

Short Biographical Note of Speaker

Emilia Lendzion-Barszcz 

Official position: Test Development Engineer, but unofficially is passionate about testing and coding. The main direction of her development are performance and security. She likes to spend free time learning, sharing knowledge and riding an enduro motorcycle. In addition to work, she shares her experience through workshops, lectures, trainings, FanPage on Facebook JavaGirlPL and organizes ThunderBug. 

Tomasz Konieczny

Senior QA Engineer at Ro. Interested in a wide range of QA related subjects – from test architecture to server setups. DevOps and automation enthusiast. Speaker at multiple conferences: TestCon Moscow, Testing Stage (twice), What The [email protected], DelEx, Selenium Camp, Serverless Days Amsterdam, DevTalks Reimagined, Testing United, Devoxx Poland, 4Developers, TestWarez (four times), Warsaw IT Days, TestCampTestFest (twice, three talks), ConSelenium (twice), PyCode and Quality Excites.