Krzysztof Chytła

Building on Test Strategy

Short Description of presentation

Building high-performing teams remains a challenge for managers and organizations in the modern world of software engineering. Despite all the frameworks, models tools and numerous  rainings it is still a delicate matter; much harder to implement than it might seems in theory. Providing context, meaning and setting tangible goals have always been my favorite approaches to getting things done because a vision itself is not enough. This presentation will be a case study on using test strategy to build a team around quality aspects where joint effort of testers,  developers, architects, tech writers and mangers is essential for achieving success and releasing valuable features on time. I hope that those experiences will help you think strategically and deliver  your  products with high certainty that it just works as expected.  Major take-aways: test strategy tips, team building recipes, metrics and project success criteria.

Short Biographical Note of Speaker

Krzysztof Chytła is a  leader, learner, speaker and coach. Over the last 13 years he’s gained professional experience on multiple international projects across web, mobile, telecommunications, consumer entertainment  and online retail domains. It’s been an adventurous journey from a junior tester to department manager. Krzysztof is passionate about  people and making them successful in the world of software engineering. He strongly believes that great work environment is built on mutual trust, competence and teamwork. Additionally, he’s conducted university lectures, spoken at conferences and meetups to share and exchange knowledge with other professionals.