Ewa Marchewka

From tester to manager - all the unexpected things that happen along the way

Short Description of presentation

What happens when you become a Tester? What are the biggest surprises waiting for a fresh graduate in a world of Quality Assurance? And later, what happens when experienced Software Engineer turns into a Test Manager? And why is Time-To-Market so important? In this presentation I would like to answer those question and prepare some you for the unknown. 

Short Biographical Note of Speaker

Ewa Marchewka is currently working as a Head of 5G & Small Cells Productization team at Nokia. After getting a university degree in Telecommunication at AGH UST (Poland), she started her journey in the world of testing. During 15 years of her working life, she gained experience as Tester, Test Manager, Test Architect, Project Manager and Release Delivery Manager. She really enjoys speaking at conferences, you could have seen her at TestDiveTestCon and HUSTEF.  Her hobby is psychology of testing.