Discussion Panel – Autonomous vehicles: technical and ethical issue


Have you ever wondered what the future will look like? Can you imagine driverless vehicles on public roads?

  • Work on autonomous vehicles continues. Some are already operating on our streets.
  • What problems do the creators and designers of autonomous vehicles face?
  • Where is Poland in this transport evolution?

Our panel of experts will discuss the technical and ethical challenges in developing autonomous vehicles and answer your questions, too.

The panelists will be:

Robert Oleśkiewicz – Enthusiast of electronics and microcontrollers since the early days. In the software testing world since 2008. Started his career as a System Test Engineer working in restrictive processes for the avionic industry. In 2011 he moved towards automotive and concentrated on embedded software for telematics and HMI. Currently a QA Consultant, ISTQB Certified Test Manager with first-hand experience in building test teams of professionals with the necessary skills, attitude and motivation. Develops test concepts implementing agile elements in strict processes. Performs audits of the existing processes, analyses gaps and develops improvements.

Michał Klincewicz – Assistant Professor in the Department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg University; received a PhD in philosophy from City University of New York in 2013. He was a post-doctoral researcher in the Berlin School of Mind and Brain; maintains a part-time Assistant Professor position in Jagiellonian University in the department of cognitive science. In most of his publications Michał wonders if artificial intelligence can make us and the world we live in morally better.

Maciej Michnej – An Assistant Professor in the Research Unit of Technical Reliability and Maintenance at Cracow University of Technology. He’s an expert at the Polish Scientific and Technological Association. Maciej is also founder and owner of SMG Ekspert – one of the first start-ups within Academic Incubator of Entrepreneurship at Cracow University of Technology. He cooperates with the City of Cracow and the City of Katowice in the implementation of research projects founded by the CIVITAS initiative.

The discussion will once again be hosted by BBC and Polskie Radio journalist, the irreplaceable Rafał Motriuk.

Autonomous vehicles are the future that is happening now.

Don’t miss our panel!